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The project of house of 300$ is very good.

I think that is possible. We can think at a new home solution, not only for poor peoples, but for everybody.

Homes are too much expensive, for everybody.

We are building home manually, like many years ago, for this the house are too much expensive.

We must think at car construction technology, modular, mass-production, and every model similar at others.


Container-house or house-container?

Now we can buy a small office-container for less 3000$. It is like a small house.

This is done handmade, many pieces are made individually. For this are very expensive.

We must think at a house-container done with less than 10 components. Very standard, very modular.

Very simple for assemble together. Maybe without screws, keys… Only with joints.

I am working at this project and I have many ideas about this, for assembling without screws, for modular options for electricity, etc. I think that it is possible do something of very good and very new.


The importance of standard

We must define a standard, dimensional standard, construction standard.

Standard solutions give us possibility to use mass-production, with automatic process for production of millions of pieces, ready to use, at very cheap price.

The floor is the most important piece. The floor gives support and stability at all construction.

The floor must have the joint for walls. We place the walls on the floor, after we place the ceiling the construction become strong.

When we have a good floor, it is possible place very simple walls, low cost, and we can make a good construction.


The house-container is the solution

In the last years many people have think about the opportunities to transform container in home. This is very difficult and too much expensive. Because container isn't a good house, no windows, no electricity, no good door.

But a simple house can be a good container.

We must do the reverse operation.

We must make a modular house, with dimension similar at a container. And we must design this house for utilize it also as a container, for shipping material, only one time.

So all factories can ship materials using our house-container. The money that normally are necessary for buy a container, are utilized for buy a house-container. The factories use house-container for ship materials, and after the house-container can be utilized as house.

This is the solution. This approach gives us many billions of dollars for construction of house-container.

With this approach we can realize some million of house-container each year, using money normally used for buy containers, containers that after use are normally discarded.


The new modular house

And so we start construction of new modular house. With a big mass-production.

I don't think only at poor house, I think at new style of house.

We can do a very good project, like a spatial station, realized with many units, all similar, assembled together.

The modular dimension can be like a container.  It's good that length is double of width. This provides more possibility of assembling together.

Now containers have width of 2.44 m, but this width gives some problem with pallet. Better is if we change it of some centimeter, and we use a new standard dimension that is 2.5x5 m, and 3 m height.

This solution is good for home that have more possibility of assembling, and also for material transport that can take 2 pallets in width inside at container.

The second model can be long 10 m and the third 15 m.

We must realize a good floor, strong and good. We must have possibility to combine many floors together for make also a big structure.

With house container of 15 meters we can place many floors side by side and make rooms of 15 for 100 meters. These big rooms are good also for cafeterias and meeting rooms.

Over the floor we can join the walls. 2 walls must be enough for placement of ceiling.

So we can realize many combinations. We can make a single room with one floor, 4 walls, and one ceiling. Or we can make a house with many rooms assembling together different modules.

The house of 300$ must be very simple. One floor, and 4 walls, very cheap. But this house can be scalable and upgradable with placement of optional, like air conditioner, power supply production, internet connection etc.


The new house: scalable, modifiable, reusable, moveable

We can also replace a wall with a good one with a big window or a new color or new material more beautiful.

This is very important. Because if the house is scalable, is every day good, and when economic conditions change in the family, family can do a revamping of house, adding optional, rooms, walls, without discharge what have buy before.

The modularity of house gives also possibility of a very good market of used pieces.

You think at a revamping of actual house. We discharge many materials and all work that we have do for make house is lost. If we can remove a wall and use it in another house, we have a very good return of investment.


A good project can create a new standard

The most important thing is the project.

A good project can change the housing market of world.

The material of construction can be different. We can make wall in plastic material, expanse material, glass, wood, iron, aluminum. Every country, every solution can use the best material for solve a specific problem.

The only important thing is that each piece have standard dimensions, standard possibility of connection with others pieces.

So we can utilize the same piece in US as in India or in Italy and we have a global market that gives a great competition and a great production. So we have a new standard for house construction. Like have do Microsoft for computers:  now we have good computer at 300$ in place of 30000$ that we have paid 30 years before.

We must do the same in house construction. And so we can have houses at 300$ in place of 30000$. This is possible creating a standard in house production.

The modular house must be utilizable also as a single solution. We must think to send a house in a place where there is nothing, and a man must be able to assembly this house in 4 hours, without necessity of others materials and specialists. Less than 10 pieces that we can place together like a Lego construction.

This is the solution.


The options can personalize the house,

so the house can be cheap and good for every situation.

At this standard construction we can add some optional. Options for give energy with sun, or energy with a small water turbine. Must be possible add a WC, a bathroom, or a small kitchen. Maybe this option is integrated in a special wall.

All this things must be as an optional, because every place needs different solutions.

Each option must be ready to use. In the standard house we must have possibility to place every option without drilling or cutting.

I am realizing some design for better explain and study this aspect.

When we build a village or a city with this modular house, we use different options. Normally we have central equipment for energy, water, water discharge, internet connection, etc.

We must think also about this as modular solution. When we need a turbine for energy we must place this on a standard container so we can place and use. We must think at plug and play building!


Why use a house-container in place of a container?

The house-container is better of container. Because house container is modular and is possible open every wall. Charging and checking is faster. When we use house-container for shipping of machinery, the machinery can be assembled directly on the floor, and after placed we can remove walls and utilized them for others house-container.


House-container connection

There is the possibility of connect together many standard modules. But we can also make a structure, like a big building, in order to place inside the standard modules. The big building is only a supporting structure.

Inside the supporting structure we place our modular house-container. So we can change everything at any time.

We can use a supporting structure as car parking. After we place inside house-container, for use as houses, offices, hospitals, hotels...

This solution gives as the possibility to change very quickly the structure of the city. The structure of house.

When a man marries a girl, this man took her home and puts it next to the girl's house, creating a single larger home. When the couple has a children, can buy a new room, and don't need buy a new house.

And when children go at college, can move is room in a new city, without buy a new room, without discharge everything.

Standard room and standard house. This gives us the possibility to buy and sell rooms, like we do with cars.

This solution gives us the possibility to think at the city in a new way.

Also when there is a problem of natural calamity we can quickly move the rooms and houses, the hospitals, the offices, in place where we need.

If a building is damaged, we can take out every modular house and place on an open space or in a new supporting building, very quickly.

In few hours a car parking can be transformed in a hospital or in a living place, only moving the modular houses.



This is the idea of scalable, modifiable, reusable, moveable house.

This drastically cuts the cost of the houses, it offers mass production possibility, and can reduce the costs of all the houses, creating also the $300 house.

If we use the house-container also for shipping, every year we have millions of houses for the poor, paid with money that today we use to build containers.


I think that the idea of build a house with 300$ give as the possibility to think at house market with new solutions, modular, mass produced, very cheap, beautiful and efficient, as the technology of the third millennium can offer.









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